Olivier Bowl

Distinctive in form and finish, the Olivier bowl marries gold and silver leaf patina finishes in a contemporary pattern.

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The perfect design by our Louisiana designer Benjain Burts. Shaped with a depth of 20″ and a silver and gold leaf pattern that is unique to every bowl. Finding a place in your home for this bowl is easy.


Box Dimensions 24 × 24 × 10 in







Gold and silver leaf



Benjamin Burts

There is a life force palpable in every Benjamin Burts creation. From a genesis of cold clay evolve works of art that exude an almost human warmth and texture. Burts says he doesn't put it there; he says it is there.

“ I work with clay in a very free, spontaneous way, allowing it to become what it wants to become. I start with an idea, but the idea only motivates me to begin. Then it becomes a collaboration between the clay and me to see what it is supposed to be,” says Burts.

Faces and spiritual forms rise ethereally to the surface in many of his designs and through a unique surfacing technique after kiln firing, he applies gold and silver colouring, “colours natural to the surface, shape and form,” remarks Burts.

His work has been exhibited in fine galleries across the USA. He is inspired by neoclassic design blended with the culture of the New Orleans Garden district.